What’s best for the client?

Welcome to Carter Ford LLP: A law firm committed to doing right by our clients. Our firm is based on the vision of our two founding-Partners, Bob Carter and Chuck Ford. Both believed that a great firm could be built from the ground up, a firm which would place the client’s interest at the forefront. In July 2014, Chuck and Bob left their large firms to build Carter Ford LLP and they have never looked back.

Carter Ford LLP is doing things differently for you. It was founded and is managed by two legal veterans, representing opposing sides of insurance law. Before Carter Ford LLP, Chuck defended insurance companies. His work often made legal claims more challenging for plaintiff-side lawyers, including Bob. Bob was on the other side -- representing plaintiffs – those actually injured and seeking benefits or compensation for their injury. Bob and Chuck brought together their strategies and industry knowledge to form a unique and dynamic case evaluation style. At Carter Ford LLP, each claim undergoes a comprehensive case evaluation to create a successful legal strategy.

“Real people with real cases”

We have three pillars which guide the service we offer to all of our clients – whatever the type or value of your injury claim.

Process: After an injury most people are left exposed, unsure what to do. Carter Ford LLP will deal with the legal complexity involved with your case. We keep it simple – we don’t start work until we’ve determined what your objectives are. After we’ve determined what will assist you, our team develops a legal strategy to make it happen. We’re in it together. That means we're part of your recovery from day one.

Solution: Don’t expect a cookie-cutter solution at Carter Ford LLP. That’s not our practice. Our legal advice is only as good as our knowledge of your case. We take the time to do a detailed case assessment as a first step so that you, and our team, know how to achieve the right settlement. The right resolution may be in the form of benefits entitlement, or compensation. We work with you to understand what you need to assist in your injury. Above all, we are here to help you achieve your objectives – health wise and monetarily.

Cost: We like to keep it simple. You don’t pay us until we win – no matter how long, or how hard we have to fight to achieve your goals. You won’t have to pay out of pocket to provide us with your documents, or for us to review your documentation to determine whether or not we can help you. What we do offer is a free no-risk case assessment for all new clients. The case assessment is designed to assess your case, and set your expectations as we work towards developing a successful legal strategy. Unlike many law firms, our entire team works together on your case. We stayed small so that we can give the time to every file, and stand by you every step of the way. Our team sits down to re-assesses our legal strategy as your file develops, keeping you in the loop. Best of all, our clients have the benefit of Chuck and Bob’s combined perspective and experience working to better their case. Why do we take the time to do it right? Simple, because it works.